How to Fix Corrupt Video files while transferring

When transferring files from DSLR, Micro SD Card, Pen drive or from your phone, although its a simple task but sometimes this can cause error, and you might have video files which are corrupted, which won’t open in any player, be it VLC/ Quick time media player or even windows media player. All of these players fail to open your corrupted video file , follow this article we will explain you how to fix/recover your Corrupted video file.

How to recover Corrupt Video files

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How video Files gets corrupted :

  1. When you are trying to transfer huge size of media files at one go it might corrupt some media files.
  2. The USB port or the cable which you are using to transfer data might be faulty.
  3. Disconnecting the USB drive or Micro SD card while the transfer process is going on the might result in corrupting the Video files.
  4. Virus or Malware might also affect the Mp4 files in your device
  5. Sudden shutdown of your system or power breakdown might result in corrupting video files.

Fix Corrupted Video Files Using VLC Media Player

Use VLC media player to fix your corrupted Media files.

Step 1- Rename the file and change the files extension to .avi

Step 2- Open .avi file in VLC media player

Step 3 – In the Menu bar < tools< Preferences< Input or Codecs

Step 4- From Damaged or incomplete AVI Files, select Always Fix.

Step 5 -Click Save

Relaunch the video file in the VLC media player to check if it’s fixed or not.

Use Online Data Recovery Services to fix Corrupt Video files

If you are unable to fix/recover your data using the VLC method please get in touch with us we will fix/ recover your media file online using our state-of-the-art online data recovery system. our online data recovery process is fully online and will take no time to recover your data, the process is fully online, please contact us to start the process now.


We live in a world of technology and technology always can’t be trusted so, sometimes when you are transferring any video file it might get corrupted, not to worry we are here to help you out follow the troubleshooting steps to fix the Mp4 file, and if after doing that also you are unable to fix your file please contact online data recovery services, so that we can help you in fixing your Video file.

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