3 Methods to recover deleted data from Pen drive

Losing your data could be frustrating, although pen drives have made it easy for us to transfer our data, from one computer to another, but has it ever happened that your plug-in your USB drive and the system is unable to read it, let’s learn how to recover deleted files from pen drive.

Pen drive online data recovery

Possible reasons that could lead to loss of data in pen drive :

1.Physical Damage: USB drives are very small and delicate hardware, so physical damage is could be a possible reason for data loss, data recovery of physically damaged USB drives is not so easy, please contact us if you have a physically damaged USB drive.

2. Malware: Malware is the biggest enemy for your USB hard drive or for any other kind of storage device, make sure that you only plug-in your USB stick in that PC which has a certified Anti-Virus software.

3. Faulty Port: If the port in which you are plugging your USB drive is faulty, it might damage your USB stick, which can lead to loss of your data

Lost your data ??

Recover your data online

Methods to recover lost data from pen drive:

1st: Using Command Prompt to Recover lost data from pen drive:

How recover deleted data from Pen drive

Step1- Open command prompt from windows startup menu.

Step2- Type  "chkdsk X: /f" in the command prompt replace “X” with your drives name

Step3- Type"ATTRIB -H -R -S /S /D X:*.*" replace”X” with your drive name.

Step4- Wait until the process is completed after the completion of this process, you can see all the lost files in your USB drive.

2nd: Restore Previous Version to recover lost data from pen drive:

How recover deleted data from Pen drive

Step 1- Connect USB drive to your PC

Step2- Open My computer/This PC on your computer

Step3- Right Click on the USB drive and select properties

Step4- Select previous version and click restore

If after performing these steps your are still wondering How recover deleted data from Pen drive we can help you out with recovering your lost data from your pen drive.

3rd: Online Data recovery services for pen drive data recovery:

If still, you are not able to recover your precious data from pen drive, please use online data recovery services our data recovery service is fully online, we recover your data online you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home and visit us for data recovery of your pen drive, please contact us for data recovery services.

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