How to Recover deleted files for Windows/Mac

The most depressing situation is when you lost your important files and don’t know how to recover deleted files we can help you get your (mp3, jpg, documents) files back. There are few ways to get your deleted files back.

  1. Restore them from Recycle bin or from Trash.
  2. Run a recovery program on your local computer.
  3. Consult a data recovery specialist if data recovery is required

We are going to go through each and every scenario to recover your deleted files.

Recover deleted files via Recycle bin. or from the trash

 Recover deleted files via Recycle bin.

Recycle bin or trash is a place where deleted files are stored for some time in your PC, if you have accidentally deleted any important file from your drives it will automatically go in recycle bin or trash(in case of macOS ) until and unless you deleted the file permanently from your PC so the first go-to place would be recycle bin to recover deleted files.

if you are unable to find your file in recycle bin its most likely that it is been removed from your primary storage but it is still in your hard drive so now you can take help from some data recovery softwares, which can help in looking deep inside hard drive and may find your important deleted file.

We have found some good softwares that offer data recovery on your local computer.

Option 1

Stellar Data recovery software for deleted files

Stellar offers one of the best data recovery software which helps you restore your deleted files.

This software can help you recover most of the deleted file from secondary storage of your hard drive you should give it a try.

Option 2

Recuva Data recovery software for deleted files

Recuva is a data recovery software by Ccleaner it is free to use and recover most of your files and its very easy to use just download it on your machine and it will scan your hard drive let you know of the files can be recovered.

Option 3

EaseUS deleted recovery software 

EaseUS data recovery wizard is another data recovery software that can help you in recovering your deleted files from your PC it’s a free to download tool you can use it to recover data from all kinds of storage devices.

Option 4

Online Data Recovey Services (for professional data recovery)

If by using all this software you are unable to recover data from your hard drive please contact us we prove online data recovery services to all kinds at very minimal cost and our success rate is very high we can recover* all your data from any kind of your storage device.

Conclusion :

Your data never leaves your hard drive even if you delete it or even if format your drive most of your data can be recovered using modern-day tech. so don’t feel depressed even if you have lost all your data if your device is corrupted everything can be recovered from it just you need to contact us and we will take care of it.

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