How to Recover Files from Formatted Hard Drive?

Are you in a situation, where you have formatted your hard drive, or are you in a situation where you want to recover your data from a formatted hard drive, either you have done quick format of your hard drive, or you have fully formated your hard drive, if you are in either of these situation, please follow these steps Recover Files from Formatted Hard Drive.

Recover Files from Formatted Hard Drive

Lost Your Data

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What to do after you have formatted your drive:

  1. Stop using your drive: As it might, lower the chances of data recovery
  2. Don’t Copy or paste: Don’t copy or paste any thing on your drive as it might tamper with the sectors of your hard drive.

Use Online Softwares to Recover Files from Formatted Hard Drive:

There are multiples Softwares which offers data recovery from formatted hard drives which can successfully recover your data. some these softwares are free to use, but at some time they might cost you for data recovery.

List of Softwares for Data Recovery:

  1. Stellar Data recovery Software
  2. 7Data Recovery Software
  3. Wonder share Data Recovery Software

Online Data recovery for Recover Files from Formatted Hard Drive

We provide online data recovery services, we will recover your data from your formaated hard drive, our data recovery process is fully online and it just takes few minutes to recover your data online from our state of the art technology, please contact us now to start online data recovery from your hard drive.


Data is precious for everybody, and data recovery has become very important, we have discussed few methods by which you can recover your lost data from formatted hard drive, and if still you are unable to recover your data using these softwares please contact us, we will definitely recover your data.

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